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About Kessels Ecology

Kessels Ecology offer a consultancy service based on our extensive and broad knowledge, experience and networks in water quality monitoring, freshwater and estuarine biological assessments, specialist terrestrial flora and fauna survey techniques and assessments, habitat restoration, management plans, conservation lot subdivision, and environmental impact assessment. We offer robust technical expertise combined with a flair for solving problems. We pride ourselves on finding solutions that create effective partnerships and sustain the natural environment.

In May 2018, Kessels Ecology became part of Tonkin + Taylor.

Environmental Effects, Assessments and Mitigation

Under the consenting process of the Resource Management Act (RMA 1991), proposed developments and activities that impact the environment require an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Where impacts cannot be avoided or remedied, a concise package of mitigation measures needs to be developed. Kessels Ecology is experienced in offering rigorous impact assessments and innovative mitigation solutions that are tailored to specific ecosystems and the needs of the project.

Restoration and Conservation

Restoration and conservation projects are at the heart of our company. We offer broad expertise on the protection and rehabilitation of all types of ecosystems, including terrestrial, aquatic, estuarine and wetland.

Policy, Resource Consents & Hearings

Our team can offer technical inputs and advice on policy matters, resource consent applications, and supply evidence for hearings including Environment Court and the Board of Inquiry. Our senior ecologists have many years’ experience, primarily associated with the Resource Management Act, in local authority and Environment Court hearings at all stages; mediation, conferencing and presentation of expert ecological evidence. We have presented evidence for many projects including policy changes, large infrastructure projects and private landowner disputes.

Ecological surveys and monitoring

Our diverse team has in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of ecological surveys and monitoring of freshwater, wetland, coastal, estuarine, terrestrial ecosystems in urban and rural settings. We offer all aspects of ecological assessments including survey design, assessments, statistical data analysis, reporting and on-going monitoring. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and software packages.

Meet the Team

Our team comprises an experienced and dedicated group of professionals based in the central North Island. Together, they offer decades of experience working throughout New Zealand, as well as in Europe, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Meet the Team

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