Ecological surveys and monitoring Services

Ecological Surveys and Monitoring Services

Ecological surveys and monitoring

Our diverse team has in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of ecological surveys and monitoring of freshwater, wetland, coastal, estuarine, terrestrial ecosystems in urban and rural settings. We offer all aspects of ecological assessments including survey design, assessments, statistical data analysis, reporting and on-going monitoring. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and software packages.

Coastal Ecology

We offer ecological surveys and assessments of coastal and estuarine ecosystems. Our coastal services include water and sediment quality monitoring and fauna monitoring of birds, invertebrates, fish, and aquatic mammal species.

Terrestrial ecology

Our terrestrial team offers expertise in all aspects of terrestrial ecology surveys including vegetation and community type assessments, bioacoustic monitoring of birds and bats, surveys of frogs and lizards, pest plant and animal surveys, and invertebrate surveys.

Urban Ecology

Based in Hamilton City, we have experience in addressing complexities of urban ecological assessments. In urban environments, we undertake all freshwater and terrestrial surveying including indigenous and pest animal survey, vegetation and pest plant surveys, habitat assessments, and biodiversity significance assessments.

Freshwater Ecology

Our freshwater team offers expertise in all aspects of freshwater ecology surveys including water quality monitoring, fish surveys, macroinvertebrate surveys, aquatic plant surveys, pest plant and animal surveys, and fish translocations. We are well versed in, and have the equipment to conduct surveys using all standard methods.

Environmental Monitoring

We offer environmental monitoring programmes that are designed to meet the requirements of individual sites and projects. These include:

  • Long-term water quality monitoring;
  • Fish monitoring;
  • Animal and plant pest monitoring;
  • Bat, bird, herpetofauna and invertebrate surveys; and
  • The monitoring of success of mitigation and restoration measures.

Mapping and GIS

We offer broad expertise in geospatial analysis, modelling, and mapping. We use state of the art GIS software (including Esri ArcGIS mapping software) to support all our technical report writing and analysis through geospatial information on aspects such as land use, vegetation cover, threatened environments, biodiversity records, elevation profiles, and hydrology.

Ecosystem Services Assessments

Ecosystem services have increasingly become an important component of assessments and monitoring in environmental policy and planning. We can offer the assessment and quantification of ecosystem services provided by all types of ecosystems including terrestrial, freshwater, urban, and coastal ecosystems.

Wetland Ecology

We conduct wetland surveys that include water quality monitoring, vegetation and community type surveys, hydrological assessments, bird surveys including remote acoustic monitoring, and terrestrial fauna surveys.

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