Environmental Effects Assessments and Mitigation

Environmental Effects, Assessments and Mitigation

Innovative Mitigation Solutions

Under the consenting process of the Resource Management Act (RMA 1991), proposed developments and activities that impact the environment require an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Where impacts cannot be avoided or remedied, a concise package of mitigation measures needs to be developed. Kessels Ecology is experienced in offering rigorous impact assessments and innovative mitigation solutions that are tailored to specific ecosystems and the needs of the project.

Ecological mitigation and offset development

We have extensive experience in developing ecological mitigation and offsetting measures for adverse effects. Following the offsetting hierarchy to avoid, remedy, mitigate, offset, or compensate, we can offer innovative solutions suitable for all ecosystems and client needs. Our focus is on working collaboratively through the design process with our clients, taking policy requirements into account from the outset.

Ecological assessments and mitigation for large infrastructure projects

Our team is experienced in assessing the ecological impacts associated with large infrastructure projects such as roads (including Roads of National Significance), windfarms, quarries, subdivisions, and large-scale farm conversions. For each project, we use a multitude of assessment techniques to determine terrestrial and aquatic effects, as well as determine the best steps towards mitigation of any adverse effects that cannot be avoided as part of the design process. Our team is skilled in applying various calculation methods such as SEV and biodiversity offsetting models to determine the appropriate amount of mitigation.

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