Policy, Resource Consents & Hearings Services

Policy, Resource Consents & Hearings Services

Environmental Court Hearings

The Kessels Ecology team can offer technical inputs and advice on policy matters, resource consent applications, and supply evidence for hearings including Environment Court hearings.

Policy Advice

We offer policy advice as it relates to resource management, ecology, and environmental planning. We are experienced in policy submission, technical evidence preparation, and mediation to achieve successful and efficient policy outcomes in the environmental sector.

Mediation and Caucusing

We can offer our technical expertise and knowledge to aid any process of mediation and caucusing in relation to questions of ecology, conservation, resource consenting, and environmental policy and planning. Gerry Kessels is a veteran of multiple hearing processes and is committed to working constructively with all involved parties to reach an agreeable solution.

Resource Management Act Planning

From the outset of a development project, we are able to provide input into any aspect of resource management planning. This includes aspects such as planning for resource consent applications, guidance on meeting resource consent conditions, and methods to minimise adverse environmental effects.

Ecological Management of Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects require comprehensive assessment and management of all adverse ecological effects related to the construction and operation of the project. Kessels Ecology is experienced in guiding this process from the design stage through to ongoing monitoring of operation on a range of infrastructure projects including large developments such as the construction of major roads and windfarms. We offer broad management of all terrestrial and aquatic (including freshwater, estuarine and coastal) ecosystem effects, including management of indigenous fauna during the construction process and associated Wildlife Authority authorisations.

Significant Natural Area Assessments

Councils across New Zealand have assessed or are in the process of assessing their regions to determine the size, type, and location of any significant biodiversity areas that currently offer habitats for indigenous flora and fauna. We have been led numerous inventories of significant natural areas around the North Island, using a combination of GIS aerial mapping, thorough background research, land owner consultations, and ground truthing surveys.

Resource Consents and Compliance

We provide technical reports and assessments to support applications for resource consents, and offer ongoing monitoring and reporting to document compliance with consent conditions. Projects that we have assessed in the resource consenting and compliance process include road infrastructure construction, quarry operations, mining applications, windfarm construction, sand extraction, subdivision developments, water abstraction, water and wastewater treatment plant discharges, and modifications to watercourses.

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