Restoration and Conservation Services

Restoration and Conservation Services

Protection and Rehabilitation

Restoration and conservation projects are at the heart of our company. We offer broad expertise on the protection and rehabilitation of all types of ecosystems, including terrestrial, aquatic, estuarine and wetland ecosystems. We have experience in a wide range of restoration projects. These include habitat design, pest management plans targeting plant and animal pests, constructed wetlands, integrated catchment management plans, and biodiversity plans for farms.

Ecosystem restoration and monitoring

Ecosystem restoration plans can include indigenous plantings, restoration of waterways, habitat design and pest control plans. Alongside detailed restoration plans, we also offer ongoing monitoring programmes which we design and conduct to ensure the success of restoration towards long-term conservation of indigenous ecosystems.

Habitat design

We are experienced in the design of habitats that reflects the complexities of natural ecosystems. Examples of habitat design projects include the design and enhancement of freshwater systems (including artificial structures, riparian planting, and flow management), construction of artificial wetlands, the design of habitat suitable for various terrestrial fauna species, and the design of lizard habitat for translocation purposes. Our extensive hands-on restoration experience means that our restoration plans are always practical, easy to follow and suited to the site and situation.

Funding applications

Kessels Ecology can assist with preparing funding applications for a variety of restoration and ecological enhancement projects. We have prepared applications and been successful in securing funding from the Department of Conservation, Waikato River Authority and Waikato Regional Council’s Environmental Initiatives Fund. We can guide you through the entire process from planning, budgeting, sourcing of plants, organising planting days and implementing pest control.

Sustainable farming and biodiversity plans for farms

Sustainable farming plans are increasingly a requirement to comply with regional policy plans. Our team recognises the challenges of running a successful farming business while meeting environmental and regulatory requirements. We can offer our broad terrestrial and aquatic expertise to compose on-farm plans that include riparian management, biodiversity management and pest control. Our plans guide best practice management of farms resulting in healthier terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, both on the farm and beyond. We offer solutions that achieve these outcomes with the overall farm management and financial planning in mind.

Pest Management Plans

Our pest management plans offer detailed descriptions of present animal and plant pests, potential future invasions of species, and systematic guidelines for long-term eradication. Ongoing monitoring and control measures are included to offer a pest control package tailored to meet the needs of individual projects and sites, targeting the most cost-effective ways of getting on top of significant pest species. Our staff have years of hands-on experience assisting land owners managing pests on their properties, as well as planning and implementing large-scale initiatives.

Conservation Lot Subdivision Assessments

Various district councils have provisions to grant additional lot titles to landowners that protect, covenant, and manage indigenous forest and wetland systems on their land, subject to certain conditions. Our team is experienced in the assessment of potential sites, report writing and case support, liaising with planners and councils to achieve the best outcomes for landowners and the conservation of these significant sites.

Design and Implementation of Constructed Wetlands

Wetlands are critical components of our ecosystems. Functioning like the kidneys of the earth, they clean the water that flows through them by removing sediments, soils, excess nutrients, and contaminants. They also naturally control flooding events and regulate water table levels. We can lead the design and implementation of artificially constructed wetlands, for multiple functions including stormwater management, road runoff and farm runoff treatment purposes.

Catchment Management Plans

We develop integrated catchment management plans that offer the best solution for managing the ecological values of streams, rivers, wetlands and lakes within a catchment while accommodating individual land use and development activities. We assess ecological values and hydrological components in both terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, all the while paying attention to details such as present threatened fauna and flora, invasive species, water quality, and existing hydrological modifications. Once all is considered, we devise plans that manage all these aspects sustainably.

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